Tucson Weekly Review:

I moved to SE Arizona in 2007 and immediately starting looking for a first-class Indian restaurant. I believe that I have eaten at at least 75% of the Indian restaurants in Tucson and the surrounding area.

Simply put, Saffron Indian Bistro is the best Indian restaurant I have eaten at in Tucson, bar none. Nothing else even comes close. The sauces are exquisite, the meats are cooked to perfection, the rice is perfect, and the selection is broad. I have eaten at Saffron on at least 20 different occasions and have never had a meal that was less than excellent. The service has ranged from very good to excellent.

The owner of the Indian grocers where I get my supplies for home told me it is the only Indian restaurant that he will take his wife to.

I’ve eaten in fine Indian restaurants in NYC, London and other major cities in the US and Europe. Saffron holds there own against them and is among the five best Indian restaurants I have ever eaten in.

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  1. Kelly Maidman Says:

    Saffron brings not only a fresh new take on Tucson dining, but also truly proper Indian cookery. My Indonesian roots were sated with dishes that were so familiar and so memory-raising, I can’t wait to return. India’s influence on the cooking of my ancestry is unmistakable!

    Saffron’s chef and his cook staff transported me back to more simple times when I would arrive home from school to be greeted by the amazing smells and tastes being mingled by my Mother and Grand-Mother. A virtual time machine…

    I had the honor of meeting and chatting with the Owner’s parents, on holiday from India. It was really nice to see their genuine pride in their son’s accomplishment. In all, It was a great visit with great people and proper Indian Cookery! Whether new to Indian cuisine, or an old hand, Saffron is an amazing respite and escape from your daily burden…give it a try.

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  3. David Rego Says:

    Saffron has become our Indian restaurant of choice. I have introduced people to Indian food by taking them there. When I need home-cooking, that’s where my wife and I head. The service is great, decor upscale and clean, and my wife believes they have some of the cleanest restrooms of any restaurant in Tucson.

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